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After searching to find the best rubber bark mulch that looks the same as real bark mulch, I have finally found the perfect product.  This was very hard to find.  This is made in the USA.  I have been looking for this for 12 years and I was not happy with what I saw until now.

1. * .99% wire free

2. * Will not attract termites, carpenter ants or other harmful insects
3. * Preserves the ground moisture to keep plants healthy
4. * Stays and looks great 365 days a year - long lasting rich color (Won't fade)
5. * Won't float
6. * Won't blow away (5 times heavier that wood mulch)
7. * Won't decompose. * non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  Rubberific mulch and NuPlay for playscapes
We now have some of the bark like rubber mulch in stock.  We can get you whatever you like.  This cost is a little more than regular mulch but one the initial purchase is done there is no cost after that.
One bag is 40 lbs. covers about 8 x 6, 16 sq.ft. @ 1/2 inches deep.  We can also get in large 75 cu.ft.  Bulk bags that are 75 cu.ft. there are 1.5 cf bags on 40 bags per pallet.  Garden beds use 1 1/2 - 2" depth.  Good for 10 years, good for playgrounds.  Maintain a depth of 4 inches for a 6 foot fall height or 6 inches for a 12 foot fall height.

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